What we do

Endeavour Industries Goulburn, Inc (EIG) provides supported employment to people with disabilities. We operate at two sites, 67 Oxley Street & 54 Sinclair Street.

At our Oxley Street premises, employees work in four different areas including our Laundry, Ironing, Shredding & Small Business Departments & at our Sinclair Street premises we operate Goulburn’s Resource Recovery Centre.


The History of Endeavour Industries

In 1967, Frank Chattaway, the then Goulburn High School principal saw a need for employment services for persons with a disability. He called a public meeting which was well attended and from that day Endeavour Industries became a reality.

An intense fundraising programme was undertaken – Frank spoke to service organisations in the district and visited schools to spread the word about what was intended, its benefits to the community and the further steps to take to bring Endeavour Industries into action. Supported by local services clubs, the Community and Federal Government, Endeavour Industries was opened in 1968.

Our Aim

We aim to be one of the best employment and recruitment enterprises to benefit both our employees and our clients. We strive to give our employees a new lease on life, improve their self-esteem and with transferrable skills, enable them to secure employment in the future.

The difference is we provide every Endeavour employee with a support network of choice, honesty and integrity and every day we continually strive to be better, not only for our employees, but our customers.


Goulburn Resource
Recovery Centre, Sinclair St.

At Goulburn Resource Recovery Centre, our employees and staff strive to be environmentally aware and socially responsible for their environmental and global impact. We teach our employees to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste to set an example for others.

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Oxley St Site
Commercial Steam Laundry

At Wollondilly Commercial Steam Laundry, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, efficiency and range of laundry services. We are Goulburn’s only Steam Laundry, so we make it our duty to be the best.

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Oxley St Site
Small Business Management

Our Small Business Department assists Businesses with time consuming tasks. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices. Our employees are reliable, efficient and will always complete a task without shortcuts. We boost your business productivity and increase morale amongst the workplace.

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Oxley St Site
Security Shredding

We also offer our customers Secure Shredding Services.

Total destruction of your records & certificate of destruction available upon request.

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Oxley St Site
Ironing Department

Irons and folds work clothes for businesses & also personal domestic ironing.

Contact us today for prices & more information.

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