About Us

The History of Endeavour Industries

Endeavour Industries Goulburn Inc was established in 1968 by Mr Frank Chattaway at the time was Principle of Goulburn High School. Frank Chattaway wanted to assist those in the community who needed support; he called a public meeting to gauge the interest within the community if such a project could be established – and the response was outstanding.

An intense fundraising programme was administered – Mr Frank Chattaway spoke to service organisations in the district and visited schools to spread the word about what was intended, its benefits to the community and the further steps to take to bring Endeavour Industries into action.

Mr Frank Chattaway was awarded an O.A.M in 1982 for his services to people with disabilities and community organisation and is Patron of our organisation.

46 Years Later

The current CEO Margaret Clarke has been in the role since 1982 and has been a contributory in creating new business and increasing the reach and influence of Endeavour Industries network.

We now have over 55 disabled employees and 21 staff members who work tirelessly in our four businesses, offering our employees a range of transferrable skills that will stay with them for life.  We work to benefit them and maintain a successful operating business that we are proud of.

Our dedicated employees, staff and Board of Management members at Endeavour have obtained Quality Assurance accreditation through NCS International Disability Accreditation.

Our Aim

We aim to be one of the best employment and recruitment enterprises to benefit both our employees and our clients. We strive to give our employees a new lease on life, improve their self-esteem and with transferrable skills, enable them to secure employment in the future.

The difference is we provide every Endeavour employee with a support network of choice, honesty and integrity and every day we continually strive to be better, not only for our employees, but our customers.