Our Business

Endeavour Industries provides Goulburn with five exclusive enterprises. We have employees that pride themselves on customer service and superior efficiency to benefit Goulburn’s community.

Endeavour Industries' network includes five stand-alone businesses that have been established to support disabled Australians through efficient business and quality service.

These five businesses include;

Goulburn Resource Recovery Centre, Sinclair St.

At Goulburn Resource Recovery Centre, our employees and staff strive to be environmentally aware and socially responsible for their environmental and global impact.  We teach our employees to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste to set an example for others.

We are Goulburn’s only Kerbside Recycling Collection service. For more than 18 years we have been servicing the entire community with Commercial and Kerbside Recycling.

We no longer have a public drop off area. We do not accept White Goods, Car bodies or any other such items.

We recycle

  • Cardboard and paper
  • White office paper
  • Recycling office paper
  • Plastics 1-5
  • Steel  cans
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Glass


Same Day Service

Our Goulburn Resource Recovery Centre can tailor our recycling collection for you.

Oxley St Site

Commercial Steam Laundry

At Wollondilly Commercial Steam Laundry, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, efficiency and range of laundry services. We are Goulburn’s only Steam Laundry, so we make it our duty to be the best.  Our employees pride themselves on their services tailor made to our customer’s flexibility and affordability with the opportunity for free pickup and delivery.

We offer a range of different services.

  • Hire Linen
  • Domestic Ironing
  • Cleaning linen, table cloths, towels and bedding for hotels, motel and restaurants.
  • Hire of Dust control mats.

Small Business Management

Our services and employees for small business and assistance with a range of services they need completed.  Our employees are reliable, efficient and will always complete a task without shortcuts.  We boost your business productivity and increase morale amongst the workplace.  No matter how big or small, we assist your business with whatever needs to be done.

We provide services to small businesses, such as:

  • Pamphlet and Paper distribution
  • Enveloping
  • Collating data
  • General packaging
  • Mail-outs


Security Shredding

We also offer our customers Security Service Shredding

  • Hire Lockable secure bins
  • Certificate of destruction can be issued upon request.


Ironing Department

Irons and folds work clothes for businesses.


For services not listed,  please call us on 02 4821 4830 to discuss how we can help your business.